Oral Relaxation

Oral relaxation is a wonderful option for patients who need more than just nitrous oxide, but don’t need or want IV Relaxation. It allows many people to be comfortably sedated through an entire dental visit using just a small pill.
What is Oral Relaxation?

Oral relaxation is a method of conscious relaxation where Dr. Anderson uses pills to sedate a patient. Most healthy adults are good candidates for oral relaxation. For some, comfortable dentistry is as simple as taking one small pill.

What is Conscious Relaxation?

Conscious relaxation is modern dentistry that lets even the most high fear patient have a relaxing and comfortable dental visit. Since the patient is comfortable, Dr. Anderson is able to accomplish the work of several appointments in just one. There are a number of conscious relaxation techniques, but they all have certain things in common. In dentistry it is much more common to use conscious relaxation, where the patient is sedated and comfortable, yet still awake. When Dr. Anderson uses conscious relaxation, you don’t really fall asleep, even though sometimes it feels like you did. That’s because relaxation feels so relaxing and peaceful that the patient doesn’t even notice the passing of time. Many of the medications used in conscious relaxation have an amnesiac effect as well, leaving patients with little or no memory of their dental appointment, and further adding to the feeling that the patient was asleep.

Is Oral Relaxation for me?

Oral relaxation is wonderful and incredibly effective for most healthy adults. For many, it is the answer they have been looking for all their life. Discuss relaxation with Dr. Anderson if any of the following sound likes you

  • You are uncomfortable in the dentist’s office
  • You are too scared to even call the dentist and make an appointment
  • You can’t stand the smell and sounds of the dentist’s office
  • You are delaying treatment you know you need
  • You are in pain when you eat, but too anxious about the dentist to take care of it
  • You are unable to find a dentist that you feel you can trust
  • You have trouble getting numb – the anesthetic doesn’t seem to work on you
  • You are afraid to smile
  • You are concerned about how many dental appointments you know you’ll need
  • You are looking for a way to have the work of several appointments done in just one or two
  • You remember bad experiences with a dentist in your past
  • You need your wisdom teeth removed
  • You have sensitive teeth
  • You have a strong gag reflex, especially when the dentist is working in your mouth
  • You have trouble with jaw soreness when you have to keep your mouth open
  • You have back or neck pain when you sit in a dental chair
  • You are afraid of needles

What can I expect from Oral Relaxation?

There are many different medications and relaxation techniques, so it is best to get specifics from Dr. Anderson. Generally, you will be given a prescription for a pill to take before your appointment. Since this is sedative medication, you will need a companion to drive you to the appointment. Once you arrive, Dr. Anderson will begin monitoring your vital signs, including heart rate and blood pressure, to make sure that you stay completely safe through the procedure. He will then assess your level of relaxation, and ask how you feel. In some circumstances, Dr. Anderson may use more medication, but often this is unnecessary. The dentistry will all be performed while you are relaxed and totally comfortable. When it is safe for you to travel, your companion will take you home, and then you will rest comfortably for the rest of the day.

Is Oral Relaxation safe?

While all methods of relaxation are very safe, the history of oral relaxation has been especially safe as well as very effective. Dr. Anderson uses very common medications that are extremely safe and widely prescribed. Your vital signs will be constantly monitored from the moment you arrive at the office through the appointment, and until Dr. Anderson is certain you are ready to leave. In fact, he and his whole dental team are highly trained in safety and emergency procedures, making the dentist office one of the safest places you can be!